5 Top Reasons to Shop for, Buy Individual Dental Insurance Online

By Jenifer Dorsey

Why Buy Dental Insurance OnlineAbout 60 percent of Americans have dental insurance, and 99 percent of those dental insurance benefits are obtained through an employer or a group such as AARP, according to the National Association of Dental Plans.[1] So where do you buy individual and family dental insurance if you are among the nearly 127 million individuals without coverage?

One option is online through websites such as dentalinsurance.org or ehealthinsurance.com. Shopping for and buying dental insurance online can be a fast, hassle-free way to get the dental benefits you and your family need. Here are five key benefits to purchasing a dental plan on the Internet:

1. Shop anytime, anywhere – When you buy a dental plan online, you can shop 24/7 from the convenience of your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

2. Get a quick dental quote – Online dental quotes take about 30 seconds, and the application process can be completed in a couple of minutes. A quote typically requires of the ZIP code, birthdate and gender of each applicant, as well as the preferred plan effective date and number of children—if any—that will need coverage. The application often consists of each applicant’s name, contact information and Social Security number.

3. Gain instant approval – When you apply for dental insurance online, you do not have to wait days or weeks for approval. You will get it within seconds of applying. There is no need to mess with mailing paper applications, or faxing or emailing them.

You should be ready with your banking or credit card information because you will be required to pay your first month’s premium—or, depending on your plan options and preferences, your first quarterly payment or annual payment. Coverage will begin as soon as the first of the following month, depending on when you apply and the preferred effective date you select.

4. Compare multiple plans from multiple carriers in one convenient place – Using a website such as dentalinsurance.org allows you to compare many plan designs at once, often from more than one dental insurance company. View the monthly premium rate, deductible, office copay, annual maximum, coinsurance, application fee (if any) and other details such as additional benefits options and network dentists.

5. Ask licensed agents for help If you have questions about the online dental plans you are considering or need guidance in selecting the best coverage for you and your family, you can quickly get the assistance you need. Many sites provide access to live, licensed insurance agents who can work with you by phone or online chat, whichever you prefer. 

If your state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange sells adult dental plans, you can also buy coverage there. Otherwise, dental insurance plans may also be purchased directly from an agent, broker or carrier in the private marketplace. These sources may also have online application and enrollment options available to you.

Do you need dental insurance?

Visit dentalinsurance.org to get a no-obligation quote and enroll in a dental plan today. Read our “10 Tips for Buying Dental Insurance Online” to learn how to find the right dental benefits from an insurance company you can trust.

Have questions? Need help choosing the best coverage for your dental needs and household budget? Call 888-468-3390 to speak with a licensed agent from dentalinsurance.org.

[1] National Association of Dental Plans. “Who Has Dental Benefits?” NADP.org. N.D. Retrieved from http://www.nadp.org/Dental_Benefits_Basics/Dental_BB_1.aspx.

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