Can You Still Buy Individual Dental Insurance in 2014?

By Jenifer Dorsey

2014 Dental Insurance EnrollmentI’m a self-employed individual and purchased 2014 health insurance plan through my state’s Obamacare exchange. However, I did not buy dental insurance during the open-enrollment period and now I wish I had. Is it too late?

Open enrollment for 2014 individual health insurance coverage may be closed, but you can still buy dental insurance this year. You do not need a special enrollment period, and you do not need to wait until 2015 open enrollment in November.

Individual dental insurance plans are available year-round. Plus, using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can more or less shop for one anytime, anywhere. The online application process takes only a few minutes, and premiums begin as low as $15 a month through

Typical places to shop for dental benefits include the following:

  • Your state’s health insurance exchange – Though adult dental plans are not currently being sold on all state-based and federally facilitated health insurance exchanges, you might check yours to see what, if anything, is available. Keep in mind that dental benefits are not eligible for Obamacare tax credits and subsidies, even if purchased on an exchange.
  • Individual carriers – Consider checking with your health insurance company to see if it offers any dental plans. You might also search for dental-specific carriers.
  • and other multi-carrier websites – Using sites such as and can be a convenient way to find and compare dental insurance plans available in your geographic region—and from more than one carrier.

Spend some time gathering quotes and thinking about what kind of dental benefits you need. Many basic dental insurance plans include preventive care (i.e., routine exams and cleanings) at or near 100 percent. Also be sure to see if there are any network restrictions and, if so, whether or not the providers included are easily accessible and open on the days and times you can schedule appointments. Read our “10 Tips for Buying Dental Insurance Online” for more information on finding the right coverage for your oral care needs and budget.

If you need help selecting a plan or have questions, call 888-468-3390 to talk to a dental insurance agent from

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