Ask an Advisor: Does Obamacare’s Open Enrollment Deadline Apply to Dental Insurance?

By Jenifer Dorsey

March 31 Deadline DentalDo I have to enroll in dental insurance by March 31, 2014?

No. The Affordable Care Act does not require adults or children to have dental insurance. If you miss the March 31, 2014, Obamacare open-enrollment deadline, you can buy dental insurance away from an exchange year-round.

However, the March 31 deadline does impact parents who want to ensure their children have access to the pediatric dental and vision essential health benefit. The pediatric dental and vision EHB comes embedded in a health insurance plan, bundled with one or sold separately as a standalone plan. It will not be available outside the open-enrollment period unless a qualifying life event makes you and your family eligible for a special enrollment period.

Some additional Obamacare-related dental insurance reminders worth noting:

  • The pediatric dental and vision EHB applies to children under 19 years old
  • Not all exchanges offer adult dental insurance plans
  • There is no tax penalty for adults or children who do not have dental insurance

Dental insurance can be an important part of maintaining good oral health, and plans are often less expensive than you think. There are many ways to obtain dental plans in the private marketplace through individual carrier websites as well as multi-carrier websites such as

Have questions about dental insurance in the age of Obamacare? Need help finding a dental plan? Call 866-645-6630 to speak with a advisor.



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