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5 Smile Worthy iPhone Dental Apps

When it comes to oral hygiene, staying cavity-free, finding a reliable dentist and securing an affordable dental insurance plan are often top priorities.

Your iPhone provides a wealth of free applications to help with the basics and even address issues such as why flossing is important, timelines for children’s teeth, dental pain, chipped baby teeth and braces.

By mid-January 2011, the Apple store surpassed the 10-billion-download mark. That means an abundance of options for consumers—with more apps being developed daily.

Here are five iPhone dental apps worth grinning about:


Do you spend enough time polishing your pearly whites? The iTunes store offers several brushing timers geared toward children and adults. Time2Brush may be the most kid-friendly of such apps and makes teeth-cleaning time colorful and entertaining.

Children enter their names and receive a toothpaste character called a nurdle. Once they click “brush,” a diagram indicating brushing order appears. The animated nurdle sings and dances as it tracks time. Every 30 seconds the app prompts young brushers to move on to another part of their mouth.

Users earn points for every brushing session and may use them to purchase accessories for customizing their nurdles.

Dental Expert

Whether you’re looking for ways to save on dental care, baby teeth development charts or what to do about chipped teeth, Dental Expert stands by ready to assist.

A portable dental encyclopedia, this app includes 21 Q&A sections whose topics include choosing a dentist, dental emergencies, keeping costs down, nutrition and diet, orthodontics, children’s dental care, gum disease and preventive care, to name a few. Information is presented concisely but thoroughly and in an easy-to-understand manner.

This info-packed resource also includes a Myths vs. Facts section busting common misconceptions as well as a Fun Facts section amuses adults and children. Those looking for more child-focused oral health info, can find it in a companion app called Pediatric Dental Expert.


The topic of children and braces elicits endless questions, but it doesn’t have to be so daunting. The iBracesHelp app makes it easy to address concerns on the go and offers more than just written information. This guide includes actual demonstrations via illustration and animation.

The Home Care section shows and tells braces wearers how to brush. The Food Center provides a reminder about what foods to avoid and offers suggestions for tasty braces-friendly foods—recipes included. A Braces FAQ section serves as a primer for those new to orthodontics as well as those still in the decision-making stage.

This 24/7 source further assists users in navigating the world of braces by supplying tips for comfort, term definitions, guidance on what to do in an emergency, elastics info and diagrams, links to additional information and more.

Cavity Free 3D

It’s easy to go through the motions of daily dental care. Most of us could probably use a refresher. The Cavity Free 3D app brings Brushing and Flossing 101 to your bathroom sink.

Animated clips offer views from the mouth’s many angles and demonstrate technique. Additional segments clearly illustrate how to maneuver around braces with a toothbrush and dental floss.

This app will come in handy for parents teaching children how to brush their own teeth. Follow it up with a dental timer app for a complete lesson in oral hygiene.

Dental Optimizer

Who wouldn’t like a little help locating a dentist and saving money on dental care? The Dental Optimizer app assists with both.

With the Find a Dentist feature users can search for a convenient provider by entering their location, or allowing the app to do so. Results include a list of dentists, their proximity, a star rating (if available) a map and directions.

The Savings Optimizer gives patients an idea of how much their care may cost so they can plan accordingly and see where their dentists’ estimates fall on the scale. Users select a procedure, answer specific questions and see the range in cost—low, medium and high. In addition, the app provides tips on preventive care that may help you avoid needing the procedure again.

Remember, health-related apps never replace a professional’s advice or dental insurance. When used correctly, however, the hundreds of free and low-cost dental apps that exist can help you maximize your at-home care and office visits. A healthier smile may start at your fingertips!

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